Relocating to Kailua

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Your big decision to move to the Island of Oahu, and particularly to the town of Kailua, has been a big one and you will need to know some of the things necessary to do before you step on the airplane for your final destination.

ACCOMMODATIONS: When you arrive, you will need a place to stay.   Kailua does not have any hotels.  But we have many award winning vacation rentals and B&B's.  You might want to stay in one of the many bed and breakfast cottages.   If you have been able to make an advance trip to either purchase a home  or to arrange for a home rental  you will find lots of help for your choices. Our homes on the island are generally smaller, usually more open to the outdoors, with no attics, basements, furnaces or fireplaces.

CHILDREN: If your children will be attending school in Kailua or on the island, and according to the time of the school year, it will be necessary to choose a school so that registration, etc can be made before your arrival.   Kailua is blessed with many schools both public and private.   The location of your new home will dictate which public school your children will attend.   Check out our education section for a list of schools.   Your Realtor should be able to help you with which public schools would be fed from which areas.   Additional resource:

PETS: Hawaii is a rabies-free state and has strict rules regarding bringing animals into the islands, so it’s best to get started early to get your pet ready for easy entry.  There are ways to prepare your animal ahead of time and often get immediate release at the airport rather than putting them into quarantine but you will need to get started early  up to 4 months.  Click here and download a form for the 5 day or less program.  Also go to for everything you will need to know.   Your vet can work with you on preparing your pet.  It is very important you follow the rules carefully or your pet could be quarantined or denied entry.  Be sure to check with the airline you plan to use, to find out the rules regarding your pet and cost.  Find direct flights to avoid stress on your pet.

MOVING: There are several shipping companies bringing containers to the islands.  You can fill a container, large or small ship a car, or put your belongings on a pallet. If you are using a container, it can be delivered to your home to pack up at your leisure and then it will be transported to the dock for loading.  A car will need to be driven to the dock to be loaded.  Be sure to find out the requirements for the car, such a registration, etc. If you are using the pallet method, your belongings will need to be brought to the dock, for loading on the pallet(s) and wrapped for shipping. Once your belongings are delivered to the island, you might want to contact a mover, who will either pick up the pallets or meet you at your destination to unload your container.

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